East Village San Diego is hitting its stride, from coffee shops to tech startups. Take a stroll around the neighborhood and get to know a few local standouts.

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Neighborhood Highlights


Built from repurposed shipping containers, Quartyard is a wildly popular outdoor event space and hangout spot. The space is home to a coffee shop, restaurant, dog park, beer garden, music venue and an ever rotating array of food trucks.

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The Quartyard outdoor seating and string lights

Mission Brewery

Mission Brewery was founded in 1913, closed by prohibition, and resurrected in 2007. Housed in the historic Wonder Bread building, this craft beer treasure trove is only 3 blocks from SHIFT.

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Wonder Bread Warehouse


The East Village neighborhood is bursting with brain power– a bona fide knowledge district with charter schools, higher-education, and more schools in the works. The new charter school Urban Discovery Academy is helping to nurture San Diego’s youngest thinkers.

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UDA Face Mural

Art & Industry

We can thank local legend Bob Sinclair for saving some of the beautiful old warehouses still in use today. The Sinclair-coined phrase “Art & Industry” is alive and well in East Village. You’ll find more of his handiwork at The Wonderbread warehouse.

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Bob 21st Century wheel